What's in the Box?

There is something yummy in this chocolate box. I think i'll give you some clues so you can try and guess What's in the Box.

Clue #1: Red Velvet Cake (maybe that's not such a good clue since you can use any cake)

Clue#2: Cream Cheese frosting (or in my case a tub of Betty Crockers Vanilla Frosting. Yes, I cheat......sometimes) :)

Clue#3: Two types of chocolate, milk and coloured white

Clue#4: They're pretty cute

Clue#5: Sprinkles and a smartie

Clue#6: Bakerella
Yep, they're Cupcake Bites. They didn't turn out quite as i'd hoped (they looked nothing like Bakerellas) but next time at least i'll know what i'm doing.
Here's what I did differently:
Since I didn't have a flower cookie cutter or a chocolate mould to hold the cake balls in I used a mini cupcake case in mini cupcake pans. I weighed the Red Velvet Cake Balls at 38g each (I think these were a little too big), put approx 1 1/2 tsp of melted dark chocolate in the bottom then pushed the balls down. I'll use a little more dark chocolate, maybe 2 - 2-1/2 tsp so the sides have a thicker layer of chocolate.
With the wrapper still on.
Taking the wrapper off. This photo doesn't do the cupcake wrapper method any justice. Make sure that the Bites are cold before you take the wrapper off otherwise the chocolate will come off with the wrapper (found that out the hard way!).
Hmmm. The majority of the Bites didn't look dodgy! Unfortunatley this isn't one of them!
Ps. I was trying to go for a cute purple white chocolate colour but ended up with a grey/blue gross colour instead.....not very appetising :) Ha ha


  1. my sister has made these a few times now.. she always just uses white choc and puts lots of sprinkles for the colour... and she doesn t use the flower cutter, she just shapes it with her hand... they are very yummy though... mmm cake mix and philly cheese sooooo good!!and she just has choclate inside not red velvet (which is just food colouring?)'

    anyway good job... at my sis in laws birthday my sister stuck them on skewers and inserted the skewers in that flower green foam stuff... it looked really effective!

  2. http://comber-family.blogspot.com/2008/05/party-weekend.html

    heres the link... the photos arent close up enough but everyone at the party was like WOW.... she stuck on those happy birthday sugar letters ( you cant tell but it spelt out happy birthday )

  3. I had a look at the link. They look really good. Next time I think I'll use a chocolate cake because when I added the red food colouring it made me feel ill. It looked like fake blood!!! I kept thinking 'what's this going to do to my poor body!' I didn't let my kids have any!

    I do have to admit that I like the cupcake case look on the bites so i'm going to perfect that.

  4. i think you did a fantastic job with them! yum!

  5. I actually feel more confident using ur method instead of Bakearella's... I like what u did! I definetly want to make these next!