Fruity Milk Pops

It's been stinking hot and humid here. We're sweltering in the heat because we don't have an air-conditioner:( As I write this there is a nice cloud cover and it's drizzling yet still humid.

Because it's hot it's nice to have a few cold treats on hand so Little Chef and I have been busy in the kitchen making Fruity Milk Pops. These are fantastic because there are only TWO ingredients and are a breeze to make.

I recommend freezing these overnight. After about 5 hours, ours weren't frozen and I thought we'd done something wrong. Actually, I thought it went wrong because I let Little Chef do A LOT of the work but no, they just needed a lot longer to freeze. I know I know, I should put a bit more faith in my little cooking buddy.

Fruity Milk Pops2 packets of jelly (jello), 85g each (we used Mango)
3 cups of cold milk
Moulds (ours are roughly 60ml per mould and made 10 ice-blocks)

What to do:

Blend the two packets of jelly and cold milk in blender for 3 minutes. It should be frothy (airy, with lots of bubbles).

Pour mixture into ice block moulds and freeze.

Summer Yum!

We said:
Little Chef: These are really good.
The Sugar Fairy: You can feel the little jelly bits, interesting texture.
Mr Cupcakes: These are weird.


  1. Hello. I love all the ideas you have here. All he cupcakes are cute as well as the apple cherry pies. I like this popsicle idea too; we always used to make these with kool-aid, but I think I like your idea better.

    Great blog, I'll be back!

  2. I will need these when the summer heat hits :)

  3. That's such a great idea! I love it!

    Now I just have to clear out my freezer so I have room to make these!

  4. they look fun to make with the kids!! I have some blue and red jelly here now...

    I always want to try youghurt and fruit ones.. I read somewhere if you add a little honey this stops the yoghurt getting those water icicles when it freezes

  5. Jerri: Thank you - your Simply Sweet;)

    Snooky Doodle: Yup, these are great for summer.

    The Blonde Duck: Just buy another freeze;) hehe

    This Girl Loves To Talk: Blue pops would be so much fun! Go the Blue!

  6. Now this recipe is something I can make in this sweltering weather! Nice to see another Aussie blogger :)