Little Window Sandwiches

Think of the surprise littlies (and biggies) will get when they see these in their lunch box. Better still, let the kids make their own sandwiches for lunch, these are easy to make and i'm sure they'll have fun. *You can store any leftover bread in the freezer and use later as breadcrumbs.

Here's the to do:

Cut two pieces of bread with a cutter.

Using a smaller cutter, cut out the middle of one of the slices of cut bread then spread on your desired filling.

That combo was Little Chefs idea and apparently it tasted great!


  1. wow! These look so cute! They are great for kids parties. The first look, I thought they were cookies.

  2. I love this! This is my kind of sammich!

  3. These are great!!

    Last year for school I would make the sandwich whole and square.. then use a cookie cutter to cut a shape through all layers and then I put the whole thing in their sandwich box as I couldn't stand wasting the bread (I aint gonna make breadcrumbs and might as well admit to it)

    Then they could pick out the cut out shape from the midddle and eat it (they said all their friends and teachers were amazed! Just think what people would think of your fancy ones!!) and if they were still hungry they could eat the leftovers...

  4. creative sandwich, they look cool and perfect for kids party.