Mini Caterpillar Cupcakes

We'll be moving house within the next two weeks (if all goes to plan) so I thought i'd make something extra special to take to mothers group as it will be our last. These are mini cupcakes with tiny caterpillars on them and they were fun to make.

The inspiration for the caterpillars came from Lots of Sprinkles, Sharon's caterpillars are just so cute, I had to give them a go. Oh and it was my first time piping grass and now I'm obsessed, it's heaps of fun!

The only time grubs look cute in a garden!

These sugarpaste balls are the size of a small pea with smaller balls for the ears and a minute sized ball for the nose. Paint on some eyes with black food colouring.


  1. How cute! I never thought I would say cute to a caterpillar but these are adorable :)

  2. Wow they looks so pleasing and adorable.

  3. and they tasted great!! I was lucky enough to get to eat one :)

  4. If you first see this pictures you could think of a grass land with an cute animals. Great design of cupcakes.