Thomas The Tank Engine Cake

Here is the Thomas The Tank Engine cake I made for my son's 2nd birthday. I had made 3 large slab cakes and 1 square cake to carve into Thomas, i was worried there wouldn't be enough cake but there ended up being too much. The cake could have fed 60, there was only 6 of us! We were lucky enough to take the cake that afternoon to a family bonfire but we still came home with some - Thomas was HUGE!

That's a sugarpaste head. Once you get the hang of it it's not that bad to make. My son realised it was Thomas so he wasn't that unrecognisable:)

Unbeknown to me, I demoted poor Thomas! My husband pointed out that Thomas was the No.1 engine that's why he has a 1 on the side and that I shouldn't change the number - sorry Thomas. I know Thomas doesn't quite look like Thomas. Where's the red and the detail? Well, carving the cake took me one hour because I didn't know what on earth i was doing so when it came to icing, i just slapped it on and did whatever! FYI there's supposed to be 3 wheels in blue icing.

Slapped on icing or not, my parent's think i'm pretty cool now!

This is a pic of the first Thomas head i made. I got up to this point and i was thinking how wonderful i was when i realised that there was no room for the eyebrows - aaaargh! Back to the start i went.
To make this cake i followed the Thomas The Tank Engine tutorial from Cake Space. It's a good tutorial although I didn't have time to email questions about measurements so I had to wing it when it came to how much sugarpaste to use for the face etc.


  1. looks nice though. I like it . I made a Thomas cake too. :) it was quite difficult

  2. i have made a few train cakes.. but not thomas ones :) I think I used freckles for wheels one time and chocolate biscuits another time

    I think he looks just like Thomas.. but maybe I am not an all train knowing kid :)

  3. Wow. Can I just repeat - wow!
    I'm sure Thomas is big enough to take the demotion!
    Amazing job - well done!

  4. My kids love Thomas and Friends. I was surprised when i saw this page. Great Idea.