Wishing I'd Been On A Tropical Island

It's been almost 5 months since my last post! I wish I could say that I spent the entire 5 months on a secluded lush tropical island with my family, lazily spending my days sipping milk from a coconut, swimming in crystal clear water, playing games and lying under a palm tree soaking up the sun.

Oh the reality, it couldn't be farther from my wish. In reality I mostly spent 5 months secluded to my bedroom, 'lazily' spending my days sipping water, lying on my bed or sitting outside soaking up the sun because it made me feel better.

Why was I sick. Well, it's because I'm...

Morning sickness and food blogging just don't go together! I couldn't even log into my blog email address because just the thought turned me green. I'm much better now, morning sickness is gone, I have a few other pregnancy niggles but they seem to be managable with the help of my friends and family.
Baby no. 3 - how exciting! We have a daughter and a son already so I don't really care what we have this time. I think it's a boy but my husband and daughter think its a girl. So...

Luckily i've had my scan and found out...

Yup, it's...

So as it turns out my husband and I were both correct. We found out we were having twins at 7 weeks. It was weird because before I left to have a scan I had an overwhelming desire to have twins, I mean I really really wanted twins and i've never had a feeling like that before so it was such a pleasant suprise (and a bit of a shock) to be told I was having twins, I cried, it was fantastic news. Twins don't run directly in our family, both our dads have twin cousins but that's about it, so it's exciting to be pioneering the twin thing in our family (fingers crossed).

I'm still undecided if this cupcake resembles a belly or not. My belly button is not like that at all (just in case you were wondering), and this belly must belong to a not very pregnant woman, needs more icing underneath for a heavily pregnant lady.


  1. I KNEW IT!! I have been thinking for WEEKS... where are YOU!! I thought she must be pregnant.. there is no other explanation.. that serves me right for not emailing to see how you were.. though I thought about it many times!!

    I hope you are doing better and have had lots of help while you have been sick.. Please tell me you have!!

    twins is so exciting... woo hooo...

  2. congratulations. wow twins! I m happy for you. I m a twin too :)

  3. Thank you for entering in my drawing! Congratulations on your twins. I have to say, I REALLY hope you win one of my design packages, I have SO many cute ideas for your blog. Good luck!

  4. Congratulations!Congratulations!
    I guess twice as many babies means twice as much sickness?! and twice as much excitement?! WOW! Hope you're feeling better now.
    love Jenny

  5. Awww.. congratulations!!!!

    Just discovered you blog through Wee love baking :)

    You're probably not up for a lot of blogging nowadays, but at any rate I like it :)

    Ladybird x

  6. I periodically check your site and wondered why no updates - I think you have a good excuse!!!
    Twins!!!!! Aghhhhh! Mind you, think of all that lovely baking you'll get to do - at least 2 more birthday cakes a year!

  7. Wow! Congrats and welcome to the club, you double egg dropping diva you! Twins are a blast, but that first year is a blur. How fun!!