Wax Bags for Icing and Painting

The theme for Unplug Your Kids last week was Wax.

Wax Paper Icing Bags

I decided that we'd decorate some small cakes for Family Home Evening using glace icing in wax paper bags. I didn't follow any instructions (for the bags) so they turned out really small. I'll use some instructions next time!!!

All you need: Cakes, icing and piping bags
Fill the bag with icing and snip off the end
Petal's creation. Aparantly it's a halloween cake. With all the icing underneath that blue icing it is a bit scary! She made this for Daddy.

Can I pass this one off as Petal's creation? Yeah, that's supposed to be a red back spider on a web :)
Wax Paper Paint Bags
I thought it'd be fun to use these bags for paint too! I loved this idea as there was NO paint brushes, palettes etc to clean up.
All you need: paint, paper and piping bags

Fill the bags with paint and roll the ends up (do this with the icing bags as well)

Petal's creation. I like the way the painting turned out. Would be nice on a canvas.


  1. It looks like your Kiddios really had fun doing this! Great idea!

  2. wow this is great!! we need your ideas at artgroup!!

    I also use ziplock bags the same way to do royal icing at christmas.. I suppose for a bigger one you have to start with a larger piece of baking paper/wax paper??

  3. I like how you found dual purposes for your bags, with icing and paint.

  4. I like how you ended up painting with the wax paper bags too. Was the paint really drippy out of the bags?

  5. Those cakes look delicious! And I love your original use of the wax paper.

    That painting is lovely (definitely fame-worthy). I would never have thought of using piping bags to paint with but I'll bet it was a lot of fun!

  6. Glad you all liked our project.

    NaturesWayLearning: We used different brands and the black one was really thick so it was hard to get out of the bag. The others were good, just snip the end off the bag over the paper you'll be painting just to be on the safe side.

  7. I would have never thought to use wax paper like this. Thanks for the great idea!