Enrichment Christmas Night

Last night I went to our wards Christmas Enrichment Meeting. It was a lot of fun. I was a 'star' model. I was nominated by Helen T to be the model because according to her I have model looks, hahaha. Thanks Helen! I was told that I could choose someone to help me so guess who I chose? Revenge is sweet...but I digress. As well as being fun it was spiritual and informative. There were tips on how to prepare early for christmas and take the worry out of it and to also make christmas more centred around the reason for christmas which is the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ.

As always, at the close of the evening there were lovely tables set out full of yummy food that the sisters brought along. Here's a look at what I made for the evening:

These were supposed to be cakepops but the cake was too moist and just slid down the lollipop stick so I had to improvise

Mini sugarpaste candy canes
Vanilla Sable Christmas Trees with flaked almonds, royal icing, little flowers and a silver dragee at the top

Yay, I finally found some blossom ejector cutter things and couldn't wait to try them out. I justifed using them on the tree by making them in christmas colours

With coloured cachous. My husband liked these the best


  1. oh I didnt know you made the trees too!! they were adorable!! and did you make those tiny candy canes? your gonna have to show me how!!

    I think these would be great for christmas

  2. Bobbie - Yup, I made the tiny candy canes. I had never done them before so I think they turnout well. I'd be happy to show you how to make them.

  3. Snooky Doodle: I'm glad you like them. Love your blog btw.