Wedding Anniversary

Recently we celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. How time flies!

When we got married we decided that we wouldn't have a reception because they are too much hassle and cost to much. We were poor students. In fact all we wanted to do was to just get married.

My Temple Prep teacher, Brother Thompson asked us about our wedding plans and I told him I was just going to borrow a dress from down there. Well, next time we met he said he'd spoken to his wife (who was in America) and asked her if she would make me a dress, and she agreed. So Sister Thompson arrived from America on a Friday night and had the dress ready for my by Sunday afternoon. Can you believe that, she must have been sooo tired. But that's not all, another Sister in the ward had dropped by her house and found out what was happening and decided to make us a bouquet and lapel. Some people are just so nice. My husbands sister was getting married the same day too (actually we gate-crashed their day), and we managed to book a time a few hours before them, haha, they didn't mind though.

As I said before, we didn't have a reception and thus no wedding cake. Well, it's taken me 9 years but I finally made a miniature wedding cake for us. It's not amazing (there's heaps of mistakes: lumps, ganache marks on sugarpaste etc), this was my first sugarpaste covered cake. I wasn't quite sure what I was doing but i'm happy with the results.

Double Chocolate Cake with Dark Chocolate Ganache

Ha ha, do you think i'll be good at making those Topsy Turvy/ Mad Hatters Cakes? I'll just say the top layer was supposed to be a bit lopsided ;) hehe

This is where I got married, the Sydney Australia Temple


  1. wow you re great considering its your first time. I like it :) Happy Anniversary

  2. love your wedding story.. this is so cool.. I love to hear of laid back brides.. no bridezilla here... we all need to get together and tell funny wedding stories I am sure there are a few.. actually you gotta hear Janell Nicholsons... so funny :)

  3. Snooky doodle: what a great compliment! Hopefully my future ones will be even better.

    This Girl Love To Talk: I've never met a bridezilla! I'll have to corner Janelle about her wedding story.