Butterfly Fairy Bread

Butterfly Fairy Bread is a twist on the Aussie favourite Fairy Bread. Fairy Bread is a MUST at kids birthday parties. Actually, i've been know to eat a few Fairy Bread sandwiches just for the fun of it!

The Sprinkles Fairy makes sure my kitchen is stocked with plenty of hundreds and thousands.

Butterfly Fairy Bread
You'll need:
white bread
hundreds and thousands
fruit sticks
butterfly cookie cutter

1. Cut out butterfly shapes from the bread.
2. Spread butter on the bread.
3. Sprinkle with hundreds and thousands.
4. Cut the fruit sticks so they make the body of the butterfly.

Fairy Bread
Spread butter on white bread and then sprinkle with hundreds and thousands. Cut bread into triangles. Leave the crusts on!


  1. What a darling idea! Your blog is wonderful and you are very talented. I will stop by often for your cute ideas!

  2. Thank you and Happy New Year!

  3. How cute!! thanks for sharing :) Happy new year !!

  4. Oh my God that's the cutest thing ever! I'm going to make them for my friend's 30th b-day!

  5. Carly: Thanks for stopping by. Me talented *blush*.

    Nina: Happy New Year too.

    Snooky Doodle: Thank you

    The Blonde Duck: I'm sure your friend will love these:)

  6. I just found your lovely blog! I love these little butterfly breads & would like to make them for an upcoming spring tea party for my 5 year old.

  7. This is perfect for the fairy month we do at our public library every year! Fairy month is in May, but I've already got to start planning. The butterfly idea is wonderful, too.