Cupcakes and a One Year Old

Last time I bought cupcakes from Cup-a-Cake I didn't really like them. Well, I was down that way just before Christmas and thought i'd give them another try.

My daughters choice (it's pink!). This cupcake was the better of the two. I liked the icing and the cupcake was a little moist, so this one was good. And how easy would it be to make this!

Another fun and easy cupcake to make. This one tasted just like the other ones I bought, so I didn't like it. It did however have a one year old fan....

"Mummy, i'm just resting my fingers on the box so I can get a better look"

"Mummy, look at that" he says while his finger hovers over the cupcake

"Ooops Mummy, my finger slipped" The temptation was just too great (there's a tiny finger mark near the Jaffa)

In for the kill. There was no holding him back so I just kept taking photos. Fun memories.

Cupcake Tip Fom a One Year Old: If you want your Ruldolph to have a mouth just follow my above instructions.


  1. LOL! That's so cute! I love rudolph and the piggie!

  2. Ha how cute! I laughed whn i saw rudolph s mouth :) Happy New Year

  3. OMG i stumbled across your blog and cracked up laughing when i saw rudolph's mouth.. So cute!!! i Sooooooooo feel like eating a cupcake right now.. i made a rudolph cupcake for my work collegues for Christmas but instead of marshmallow ears, he had half pretzel ears!!! you can see him on my blog if you want lol... :)
    Sulea from Australia

  4. Very funny, i really enjoyed looking at them. Wishing u a very happy new year.