Easter Cupcakes

Hope everyone is enjoying the Easter long weekend. We had my family over for lunch on friday so I thought I'd impress with some Easter cupcakes.

The good 'ole nest cupcakes.

I only had one flake to go on top of 9 cupcakes. So as you can see the nests didn't really look like nests. The flake is supposed to be broken up to look like twigs but my family still thought they looked great! *mental note: buy 3-4 flakes next time* The eggs were the limited edition m&m speckled easter eggs (but you could just use peanut m&m's).

This little chick topped my daughters cupcake. I had visions of her biting into one of those speckled eggs and finding a peanut (she's allergic) so I thought i'd make something. I shaved some nut free chocolate with a potato peeler for the nest, a lot easier than flaking the flakes!

My daughter name the chick Rose. Rose was very easy to make: One ball for the body and a slightly smaller ball for the head. Two small orange balls flattened and then cut in on an angle formed the feet. A tiny orange ball turned into a cone and then cut at the tip formed the beak. I made two indents in the head and then stuck in two tiny blue balls for the eyes. I used a straw to mark the eyebrows.

For the wings I made two love hearts and used the back of a knife to mark them and Whoooaaa is that a ....... it can't be a ............... it is a .............a Bogan in the background! Okay, so he's not a bogan, but I think my No1 Brother really wanted to be on my blog, hahaha.
Presented on the bottom of the cupcake tree that my No1 Brother gave me for Christmas.


  1. delicious cupcakes and the little chick is so so cute :)

  2. I love the chick and all his eggy friends!

  3. yum!! those look great

    I saw this idea

    and thought of you.. shame you moved I was gonna dob you in to do a cake decorating class at church.. you could make up all these cute animals for examples.. and just show the basics of fondant rolling:)

    i love how the ducks wings were hearts.. it is all so easy... well not really cause I have never done it :)

  4. Thx so much for this blog. I am nearly finished the little chicks - I have to go out and buy a heart cutter so am still to do the wings and attach them.