Present Cake

Last week I went to the library and found the book Pretty Party Cakes by Peggy Porschen. I'd never heard of her before but i'm so glad I do now! I really really really want this book badly and you know, i'm so lucky, because it's my birthday next month, I don't think i'll have to wait too long - yay!!!

Anyways, in the book their is a square present cake and that cake looked fantastic with a green ribbon and light and dark pink circles. I loved it so much that I made a similar smaller one for a family gathering. It was so funny when I lifted the cake out of the bag, there were a few Whaaaays and cheers going on!

My improvised bow. I made the bow in the book but hadn't let it dry long enough so when I attached it it completely caved in! Not sure about those curly ribbons though (another improvised idea of mine).

Tomorrow i'll post up the other cake I made! Yup, I made two small cakes for the gathering and tomorrows cake is my favourite.


  1. oh this cake is adorble. I would like to receive a present like thi :)

  2. Those cakes are beyond cute. They're beyond precious. All I can do is coo.

    And the question is, what type of pie for breakfast?

  3. Hi there just thought I would let you know I found your article on bloglines and you might be interested to know that Peggy Porschen has announced some new masterclasses - coming soon. We have published the details of the masterclasses this week.

    Cheers, V&T x

  4. Surrey Wedding Photographer: I'd be there with bells on, if only I lived in England *sigh* :(

  5. that is a gorgeous cake.. my sister in law LOVES green and pink.. she would die if someone made this cake for her

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