Tea For Two

Here' s the second cake I made and it's my favourite with all of the details and little characters. I had so much fun, even if the models did take a while.

Would you believe that I don't have any brown food colouring (i know it's tragic isn't it) so I used browining essence instead!

My daughter thought some white sugarpaste would look good in the teacups to represent milk which was a great idea but I opted for some blue gel to look like water.


  1. OH MY GOD! Brilliant idea. You can make cakes and I can write stories around them! We'll make millions!

  2. What a beautiful cake! I like the way they're both being polite and waiting for the other to help themself to the cheese!

  3. Extremely cute!

  4. This is awesome
    You are an artist in food! How can you bear to eat your creations?!!

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