Experiment Cupcakes

Who's been a naughty girl? Ummm, that would be me!! In the past month i've bought 3 cake books and a decorating magazine. Last week I was just browsing (honestly!) the cake section in the book store when Planet Cake's book leapt out at me and so I had to buy it. The cakes in there are amazing, i can't wait to make the bag cake- cool huh.

The book is more like a course. It begins with the easy stuff (cupcakes) and you more on to the hard stuff (the bag). So, last week i started 'the course'. I've baked PC's (Planet Cake's) vanilla cupcakes and used their syrup and white chocolate ganache recipe and I can say that they were extrememly tasty. I mean really tasty!

The first cupcake i made was PC's hot pink and black bow cupakes. Although not perfect these were cool to look at. Can't wait to make them again. Okay, i had planned on making heaps of these but my creative genius was bursting to get out (lol) and the rest of the cupakes i decorated were experiments, just me messing around with different designs.

This is my favourite! I just love the bow.

I wanted to do a more manly cupcake for my husband so i made this cirlce one, but my husband prefered the pink tie-dye! Yikes, i thought it would be breeze to do this sort of design, i definitley need to practice more.

One big happy cupcake family:)

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