Traffic Light Crackers

These are on a playschool DVD which we have had for years so that's how long i've been wanting to make them! Playschool is one program I can sit and watch with my kids. They have a great site that has lots of useful box ideas and some recipes, check it out:)

How To:

Spread vegemite (or promite, marmite) on rectangular shaped crackers. Then top with half a cherry tomato, a small chunk of cheese and then a small piece of gerkin. My son didn't like the gerkin but use whatever, a piece of lettuce or something.

Little Chefs crackers. She's known her traffic lights since she was two! lol


  1. cute idea! My niece would enjoy doing these :)

  2. Perfect for Mommy's who wants to give something new for their kids. Nice.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this! I had a sudden craving to make these crackers which I vaguely remember from watching on Playschool as a kid, but couldn't remember all the parts! Thanks!