Birthday Cakes

Birthday cakes for my kids last year were very simple.  I didn't have much time considering the twins were 1 month old when I made my son's cake and 2 months old when I made these cupcakes for my daughter.  But, either way they turned out nicely and the kids loved their cakes (what kid wouldn't!)
May Clee-Cadman (Maisie Fantasie) inspired cupcakes

Butterflies with luster dust to make them all sparkly and pretty

A simple cake.  Two ring cakes cut and carved and shaped into a 3. Covered in buttercream with licorice outline around the cake, fondant road and tic tacs as the white markers - too easy!.  New cars for the top of the cake act as a second present.  Did you notice the flag right in front of the white ice-cream van?  My darling boy did that.  I told him he could stick a flag on the cake wherever he liked haha:)

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