Fondant Clown and Bow Cupcakes

Early last year we hosted a family gathering (we have them every month) so that gave me reason to make something.  I had seen fondant clowns on flickr so decided i'd give them ago. Unfortunately I can't find the original flickr clowns but they were absolutely fantastic, I think there were about 5 clowns doing different things.  I'll keep looking for them but if you happen to come across them please let me know so i can give credit.        

How could anyone be scared of this playful clown, he's too cute!

Not a very good pic but I think you get the idea - this cake was HUGE. It had five layers, all different colours, covered with a sourcream chocolate icing. 

My second attempt at the Planet Cake bow cupcakes.  They turned out really well despite 'glazing' the bows with water which made the fondant a bit soggy and didn't harden up, don't know what I was thinking!  Don't worry, I'm now the proud owner of proper glaze and for my next attempt I think I'll try a different colour scheme

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