Fondant Booties

When I started blogging one of the first sights I came across was Cupcake D'lights (South Africa) by Zalita. She makes the most amazing models for cupcakes and cakes and ever since i've been wanting to be able to do that. I have bought and borrowed books so I could learn how to model and last week I finally made my first models, booties for a friend who is going to have her second baby very very soon.

Aren't they sooo cute! I made pink ones too but the photos didn't turn out well.

Story (not sure if it's funny or not): I had spent thursday evening making blue booties. I was really excited about them and didn't end up getting to bed until midnight. I slept in on Friday morning so my husband got our 1 year old up and then went to have a shower. After a while I got up and excitedly went to the table to admire my handywork only to discover that my spiderman of a son had climbed onto the table and eated all the booties! I'm so glad they were really easy to make so I was able to make more, otherwise I would have been very upset.

Rattles I made for her too.


  1. Ha what a nice surprise you ve had in the morning :) anyway these booties are so cute. Wish to try them too :) the rattles are a nice idea too i like those too.

  2. snooky doodle:) A 'nice' surprise absolutely haha! Try those booties and I assure you you won't be dissapointed, they are sooo easy! Do you know how to do them because I can put a post up about them if you like.

  3. those are gorgeous sugar fairy!! so cute!! watch out we'll get you to do all the baby showers..

    you should have seen emma's baby shower.. they did prams and bottles (flat not 3d) out of icing on cupcakes and all the triple layer sandwiches had blue and its a boy ribbon tied around each sandwich and they had a big heart and small heart sugar cookies that had holes in them and tied them together with thin blue ribbon.. anyways it was cute.. and what I am saying is that you could definately do something like that!!

  4. This Girl Loves To Talk: Thanks. I'm glad you have faith in me, hahha! Maybe I'll have a stork party for my next baby so I can do all those fun foodie items you mentioned :)