Labyrinth Cake

One of my nephews asked me if I could make a cake for him for his Labyrinth themed party.  I was excitied that someone actually wanted me to make a cake for them - my first request - yay! Labyrinth is one of his favourite movies, it's the weird 80's movie with David Bowie in it.  I remember seeing this movie after my first daughter was born and it was just horrible. It wasn't a good movie for me to watch just after having a baby.  I cried and went and sat next to her for ages while she slept.  
 The book on the cake board had lines from 'You Remind Me Of The Babe' which David Bowie sings in the movie

Hoggle climbing out of the Oubliette  

This is Sarah or as I call her Singing Sarah.  Doesn't she look like she's singing!  Sarah is supposed to be looking like she's realised there's only one hour left to rescue her baby brother.

The Worm

Door Knockers


  1. He loved it so much and the kids still all talk about the Labyrinth cake. Thanks, it was so awesome (& delicious)!

  2. Love the door knockers! what a great Aunty you are :)

  3. umm thats awesome.. why wouldn't anyone make requests? you better watch out!! You'll have too many now!

    I've seen pics of labyrinth/know it but I have NEVER seen the movie! lol