I'm Having a Makeover - Yay!

Okay, not me personally although I won't lie, I've needed a makeover for ages now but the makeover is a happening here!  This site is all over the place at the moment but hopefully the install will be complete within the month and then it'll all be great.  I'll be able to get stuck into posting yummy cupcakes, edible crafts and fun kitchen crafts.  Can't wait!

Christmas Bear Cupcakes

I made these a few years ago now for a Relief Society christmas activity.  These almost didn't make it as we didn't have an air-conditioner and it was sooo hot, heat and ganache don't go together.  I had to make the ganache twice!  I was told that some took the cupcakes home just for the bears and didn't eat the cupcakes.  I know one lady kept the bear on top of her tv, haha.

In  love.  This guy bear is holding mistletoe and is wearing his heart on his sleeve.  He just loves the little girlie bear with the cherries in her hair.

Christmas Pudding

Those pink things are supposed to be earmuffs

Wrapped in lights

Ribbon around the cake board

Birthday Cakes

Birthday cakes for my kids last year were very simple.  I didn't have much time considering the twins were 1 month old when I made my son's cake and 2 months old when I made these cupcakes for my daughter.  But, either way they turned out nicely and the kids loved their cakes (what kid wouldn't!)
May Clee-Cadman (Maisie Fantasie) inspired cupcakes

Butterflies with luster dust to make them all sparkly and pretty

A simple cake.  Two ring cakes cut and carved and shaped into a 3. Covered in buttercream with licorice outline around the cake, fondant road and tic tacs as the white markers - too easy!.  New cars for the top of the cake act as a second present.  Did you notice the flag right in front of the white ice-cream van?  My darling boy did that.  I told him he could stick a flag on the cake wherever he liked haha:)

Fondant Clown and Bow Cupcakes

Early last year we hosted a family gathering (we have them every month) so that gave me reason to make something.  I had seen fondant clowns on flickr so decided i'd give them ago. Unfortunately I can't find the original flickr clowns but they were absolutely fantastic, I think there were about 5 clowns doing different things.  I'll keep looking for them but if you happen to come across them please let me know so i can give credit.        

How could anyone be scared of this playful clown, he's too cute!

Not a very good pic but I think you get the idea - this cake was HUGE. It had five layers, all different colours, covered with a sourcream chocolate icing. 

My second attempt at the Planet Cake bow cupcakes.  They turned out really well despite 'glazing' the bows with water which made the fondant a bit soggy and didn't harden up, don't know what I was thinking!  Don't worry, I'm now the proud owner of proper glaze and for my next attempt I think I'll try a different colour scheme

Labyrinth Cake

One of my nephews asked me if I could make a cake for him for his Labyrinth themed party.  I was excitied that someone actually wanted me to make a cake for them - my first request - yay! Labyrinth is one of his favourite movies, it's the weird 80's movie with David Bowie in it.  I remember seeing this movie after my first daughter was born and it was just horrible. It wasn't a good movie for me to watch just after having a baby.  I cried and went and sat next to her for ages while she slept.  
 The book on the cake board had lines from 'You Remind Me Of The Babe' which David Bowie sings in the movie

Hoggle climbing out of the Oubliette  

This is Sarah or as I call her Singing Sarah.  Doesn't she look like she's singing!  Sarah is supposed to be looking like she's realised there's only one hour left to rescue her baby brother.

The Worm

Door Knockers

Baby Cupcakes and Flower Cupcakes

When the twins where around 3 months old we had their baby blessings.  There were three baby blessing that day and I still chuckle when I think two of those were mine!  Ahhh,  I promise the whole talking about twins will stop (eventually) lol.   After church we headed over to my in-laws for dinner and of course I couldn't resist the opportunity to make these adorable baby cupcakes.  They're not my own brain child unfortunately, these came out of the Planet Cake book which btw has funny crying baby cupcakes too!

Aren't they just cute

You know, i've only just realised one baby is missing a nose.

Flower Cupcakes
A few months ago the youth in our ward held a massive ward garage sale to raise money so they can go to EFY next year.  I contributed to the cake stall and made yummy lemon cupcakes with white chocolate ganache and orange cupcakes with dark chocolate ganache. Each cupcake was topped with white sugarpaste and decorated with an edible flower dusted with snowflake luster dust. They were so pretty.

Packaged and ready for delivery